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About Us

The Ring Toss Game was created late 2023 and early 2024 by Steve Ayling as a second project after succesfully doing up an old Donut trailer and making it into a lovely little stall for events.

Steve saw this new little trailer advertised online so he went to have a look at it and had visions of its future there and then. Half hour later Steve was towing it home ready for the project to begin.

After visiting lots of local events over the last few years, he noticed that some events could benefit from some more attractions and that they was also probably not quite big enough or busy enough for the Donut trailer. On top of that some already had a stall selling donuts but most lacked fun games etc.

As a fairground enthusiast he always loved the games and always wanted to run one himself. That is where the project to build the game trailer began.

Playing similar style games he noticed some tricks used to ensure less people won (ie trick bottles with bigger and sometimes non rounded heads, bounce lips on the bottles to make the rings bounce off as well as stubby rings with holes not much bigger than the bottle) and so he set out to create his own version where it was trick free and easier to win. He first ordered some rings, some nice thin ones with big holes and then followed 100 green glass wine bottles, these were from a supplier to people who make wine ensuring that no trick bottles were used in this game.

As no tricks are used there are a lot more winners on this version (compared to most others) and therefore he opted for a range of prizes of different sizes. For each ring you land on a bottle you get a prize level with one ring being a smaller prize and 4 being our current largest. Most people get at least one on their go and that means a lot of players take home a prize. You can even play again to land more rings and to build up to a large prize.

If you organise an event or know of one in the Lincolnshire area that may benefit from having a game trailer trailer attend, then please get in touch.

Introducing Steve
When not working on the game trailer or selling Donuts Steve works as a self employed Locksmith and Internet Marketer and currently lives in Ingoldmells just outside of Skegness. Steve loves fairgrounds and Donuts and can usually be found visiting a fair or eating all the stock from the Donut business.

Introducing The Game Trailer
Our games trailer and is a lot smaller than most. This makes it a great choice for the smaller events and it will not look too imposing, and fit in nicely with gazeebo's and other similar type of stalls that the smaller events tend to have. A clean and organised fully insured and self contained unit that looks great day or night.

We would like you to meet us at an event near to you soon.

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