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Terms & Conditions


As this is a game of skill and chance there are no guarantees on how many winners there are. We use standard green wine bottles and thin rings to make the game as fair as possible unlike some that use chunky rings with a smaller hole and trick bottles with a wider head.

Prices are set by us per event at the beginning of the day unless prior agreement with the event is made. We reserve the right to change prices during or before an event.

Prizes vary and are bought from a fairground game supplier.

Attending Events

We reserve the right to cancel an event for any reason deemed neccesary by ourselves but not limited to shortage of prizes or medical reasons.

We reserve the right to turn down events that we feel would not be financially viable for us to attend.

Paying To Attend Events

We are happy to follow contracts and terms set out in writing by established events. For events that are not established or do not have any written terms then the following terms apply:

1) We make payment agreements to attend events in good faith but this relies on the event organisers honesty. We will pay any agreed fee as long as the event represents what was promised upon booking. For example if you said there was 2000 people expected and only 50 people turned up then we would not be laiable to pay the full agreed amount.

2) If an event is cancelled by the organiser then no fee will be payable for the pitch by ourselves.

3) Changes to agreed terms by the event organiser may result in changes to agreed payments. For example if the event is reduced from two days to one then half the rent would be payable.

Taking Payments

Payment is strictly in person upon sale of game rings by cash (credit or debit cards may be accepted subject to availability but at some events the mobile signal caan mean these do not work). We use Sum-Up to process card payments in person with the card holder present feature (Contactless or chip and pin)

We do not store or hold any personal payment details of any customer as you are in a sense making the payment to SumUp and they process the payment and send the money to us. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


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Advertising Responsibility

We can not accept responsibility for others promoting our service as something that we do not do or in a different light as which it is meant to be used. Others claims are their responsibility not the responsibility of RingTossGame.co.uk or its owners. We will only provide the service that we offer and not anything that has been miss promoted by our advertisers.

Offers and services displayed on leaflets and adverts are correct at time of print. Offers and services may change after printing and old leaflets etc may still be laying about.

Discounts / Offers

All discounts and offers are offered as a good will gesture by the owners. They are subject to the terms of only one discount and, or offer can be used at any time.

Discounts will be applied to the full price, they cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, this includes discount cards and vouchers which can only be applied to the items full price.

Discounts and offers can be removed/discontinued at any time and the managements decision is final.

Discount cards, leaflets and offers must be presented when the total price has been given, before you make the payment. Once payment has been made the discount cannot then be made or the amount of the discount refunded.

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