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Our Game Trailer At Your Event

We are currently looking for events to attend in the East Lincolnshire area with our game trailer. If you organise an event or know of an event that we could possibly attend then please get in touch with us or pass this website on to someone who organises the event.

Ring Toss Game Trailer
About The Trailer

Our game trailer is a small compact unit that lends itself nicely to the smaller event where you think a full size fairground games unit might be too big or too much.

Although purchased to lend itself to the smaller events, it can hold it's own at some of the busiest events too.

Being self-sufficient the trailer does not require an electrical power source or need a loud generator. We are also pretty green as the lights are low wattage LED that can run for around 15 hours from a battery pack that we re-charge by solar.

About Attending Events

We can attend all sorts of events around the Lincolnshire area and we can pay you to attend too. We maybe able to travel further afield for the right event.

As long as there are people about, there is a chance people will play a game. We cover events like fetes, fairs, carnivals, markets, music events and galas and more.

The game only takes about half an hour to set up and take down so we do not require access to events any earlier than other traders.

The game doesn't generate any litter and it requires no loud generators or an electric supply, so when we leave it is like we was never there at all.

Our Game

The game is set up to be a game of skill and luck, it just requires one ring to land over the neck of the green wine bottle for the layer to win a prize. We do not use trick bottles, ours are real glass wine bottles from a wine makers supplier and the rings are thin and have a hole a lot bigger than the bottle neck making this one of the easiest to win games of it's type.

The prizes are mainly soft toys that measure from 20cm to around the 2 metre mark (Large shiny snake) and are from an established fairground supplier. the more rings that you land the bigger the prize you can choose and you can play again and again to build up to the bigger prizes too.

Event Games Trailer What We Require

The game trailer is totally self-sufficient and runs off her on-board power bank which we recharge at home using solar where possible, so does not require any electrical power sockets.

The only thing we do need is a pretty level site (we can work with some small inclines) about 10 foot wide and about 8 foot deep, oh and people walking by. We can work on grass or hard standing so wherever your event is, the site is normally suitable.

On the left is a picture with the approximate sizes of the trailer.

So why not give us a call today and tell us a few details about your event, and maybe we could be another great attraction for your visitors.

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